Energy is a part of everything and everyone. You know how you can feel someone walk into the room? That's their energy you feel. Energy work is simply a means to move unnecessary false beliefs, thoughts, stuck emotions and negative tendencies out of the way so we can heal and progress as we were designed to.

Carolyn Cooper’s SimplyHealed Method(R) clears the energy in the body so the body can heal itself. The SimplyHealed Method(R)  gets to the root of the issues, the following of which are but a sample:

Weight Anxiety
Fatigue Relationship problems
Sleep troubles Addictions
Depression Financial distress
ADD Health Concerns
Low self-esteem

Energy healing has been used through the ages, but has become somewhat “lost” in our modern world. Fortunately, quantum physics is now proving what some have known all along – everything has a vibration. High vibrations allow happiness, peace, health, and longevity, whereas low vibrations contribute to fatigue, depression, and even illness.  The SimplyHealed Method(R) raises our vibrations to achieve the joy and well-being we desire.

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Success Stories

The following examples show specific ways energy healing works. There is virtually no limit to the issues that can be addressed and cleared.

A preface to the following:  Meridians are a part of our energy system. This system acts as our energetic blood flow, traveling to and energizing organs throughout the body. A block anywhere in this system of 14 Meridians will cause various problems in the body. Anyone who has ever had Acupuncture, Acupressure, or has done Tai Chi has worked on this amazing energy system.

During my training to become a SimplyHealed Practitioner, we would partner up with another person so we could practice what we were learning. The woman I was teamed up with at the time discovered through muscle testing that my lung meridian was out. She cleared it for me, and we moved on to other things. Later, I looked up that particular meridian and found that it moves through the body between 1-3AM. I was completely shocked to learn this – I had been waking up from a deep sleep at exactly 3AM for quite some time, and couldn’t figure out why. Two days after my then-partner cleared that meridian for me in class I began to sleep through the night – no interruptions!

I worked with a teenage girl who played softball for her high school team. She was having a stressful season, with a coach who was making the sport miserable. We cleared the blocks she was dealing with, which was basically everything that had to do with the game: batting, catching, throwing, running. She was frustrated to the point of quitting. By the time she was finished with our session, not only was each of these issues gone, but she was holding strong on statements like, “I know where the ball will be before it gets there”, “I always hit the ball”, “I trust my ability as an athlete”, etc. Her very next game after the session was highlighted by her first out-of-the-park homerun!  She went on to do that again in the very next game. Clearing her blocks as an athlete helped her disconnect from her negative self-talk, and connect to her skills and abilities so she could play to her best ability.


A gentleman came to see me about his debilitating headaches. He was actually in so much pain at the start of the session that he was pacing with clenched fists. He even alluded to the possibility that if something didn’t change soon, he was contemplating ending his life – the pain had to end. I allowed him to pace while I cleared various things in his energy: multiple Generational issues (traumatic events of ancestors that have been passed down), as well as his own past traumas. After just several minutes of clearing these things, this client’s demeanor changed. He stopped pacing and sat in the chair. After a few more minutes, his face relaxed. By the time the session was finished he was a different person. He was completely relaxed, smiling, even joking with me. The pain was completely gone, and he was thoroughly enjoying our visit together.

My mother has a neighbor who has suffered from sleep problems for years. This neighbor (I‘ll call her Sally), considers herself very common sense, and believes that anything outside of mainstream medicine is some form of voodoo.  I include this example here because I know some are reluctant toward energy work, and this provides a good illustration of the fact that it still works – even when someone doesn’t want to believe in it.  So after much persuasion from my mother, Sally came to see me. She made it clear she didn’t believe in any of this, that she was here to humor my mom. I just went about the session as usual, finding blocks that were coming up in her energy, and we talked about them. One thing that came up for her was the root chakra being unbalanced. The root chakra is our connection to earth, and it has much to do with our basic survival instincts on this earth. After clearing the emotions associated with this, it came up for her to strengthen it further by walking barefoot in the grass. This literal connection to earth is just one of many things that help strengthen this important energy point. Upon hearing this, she chuckled, and began to reminisce about always being barefoot in her younger years. This brought about happy memories for her, and she was excited to implement this practice a little more in her life. Several weeks after our visit, my mom asked her what she thought about it. Sally shook her head, and admitted that there was something to it – the sleep was much better.

These are just a few examples of the many experiences I have had with clients over the past several years. Anything and everything can be addressed in energy work – money and prosperity issues, career concerns, any relationship problem, weight, anything. Energy has no limits, and it’s so much fun to see all the many ways peoples’ lives improve after just one session.