"LIFE CHANGING"......I'm so grateful to have found Brigit. Brigit truly has a gift, the day after my first session my husband's comment was I'm not sure what you did last night but there is really a difference about you, for the first time in my life I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind and heart on. After a few weeks I was called into my Managers office and was told "I'm not sure what you have changed but you are not the same person you were a few weeks ago" at that time I was also given a promotion. Brigit is so caring, confidant and thorough I would highly recommend her!

Sharon Cheney


Brigit has the gift of healing! Brigit was able to uncover a generational belief and a key principle that I needed to address. I felt better immediately. I knew she understood my situation and knew how to help. You will improve your life through working with Brigit!

J.R. Martin, BS, MS, MMS, PA-C


Brigit has been amazing to work with. She is very confident and knowledgeable in her work. My family has had great experiences and results. Brigit is very positive and she has reflected that while she was working with each of us.
My daughter, who is 10 years old, had immediate improvements. She has never been able to sleep through the night without waking up and since her appointment with Brigit has been able to sleep through the night. Along with other improvements, that is amazing in itself!
I would highly recommend Brigit to anyone! We have had great success with her work and I know that anyone else would have the same results!!

Kim VonCannon


I had the privilege of doing a session with Brigit Atkin last month. I am generally skeptical about alternative medicine and I was not sure if I would enjoy having energy work done. I must say that I enjoyed talking with Brigit and I feel that she has a lot of knowledge and natural ability for what she does. After my session, I felt happier and was able to mend some relationships that were strained. I have also been able to stay motivated to get myself healthier and start losing weight again. I would recommend Brigit to anyone who needs to let go of issues and feelings that are holding them back.

Tracy M.


I highly recommend Bright Works by Brigit.  I found Brigit to be helpful and insightful.
Having suffered from chronic fatigue for several years, since our energy consultation I have noticed a marked improvement in mental clarity, whereas before I had experienced daily "brain fog."  It has made a drastic difference in my outlook on life and hope for the future.  It is like being "let out" after months of being confined.  I have gotten more done in the past couple of months since our consultation than I have the entire past year, simply because I can think clearly!
Another improvement is with my sugar/cola cravings that were totally out of control.  Since consulting with Brigit and working my affirmations my cravings have diminished to the extent that they no longer plague me.  I have been able to cut my sugar/cola consumption by 66%; in other words I am consuming only a third of what I have been consuming, and some days I am sugar and cola-free, which is a miracle to me.
Since our consultation I have called Brigit several times to ask questions, and I found her to be not only happy to help but truly concerned about my progress.   I am amazed at her skill and patience and have seen the results of energy work firsthand.

Bonnie V.


Brigit works wonders.  Her calm, reassuring manner in addressing different issues is amazing.  She has intuition which serves her and her clients well.  She gives each person a great deal of consideration and it doesn't stop when you leave her presence.
I came in feeling horrible, with unknown significant hearing loss, and dizziness which had been going on for a few weeks.  After working with her and no other interventions, after one day there was improvement.  After two weeks there was significant improvement and after a total of one month, life was pretty much back to normal.
She is amazing in her work.  Without reservations I would highly recommend Brigit and her work to anybody.



Having Brigit help me with energy work was a great experience. She was knowledgeable and confident. I felt like she knew exactly what she was doing and could answer all my questions. I noticed an overall positive change in my health quickly after working with Brigit, and was grateful for her positive attitude, and caring personality. I felt like she sincerely cared about how I was feeling. I would absolutely recommend Brigit to anyone having health problems, she is wonderful!

Ashlie Dalton - Albequerque, New Mexico


Hey everyone! ...Brigit does energy healing here in St. George. She is amazing I have had a few sessions from her and I really felt so much weight lifted off my shoulders. She can help you with every aspect of your life..... I promise you won't regret it.

B. Warner


Brigit was very personable and knowledgeable with her skills in the health and wellness treatments she gave me. I would recommend her highly...

Becky T.


I have known Brigit for many years and have always found her to be fun, kind and optimistic. About a year ago, I learned of Brigit’s training in energy work.  I was already familiar with energy work and was excited for Brigit and her gift.  Earlier this year, one of my children was experiencing some difficulties and I suggested a session with Brigit. Within a few days my child noticed a difference and felt lighter and happier. Since then I have had a session(s) with Brigit as well as two of my other children. One of my kids called me a week after the session and said, “it has been a week since I talked with Brigit and I am still so happy and can’t quit smiling!”
For me, I have experienced a “lightness, happiness and inner peace,” after my session(s) with Brigit.  I trust this work and I trust Brigit.  She is kind, intuitive, and has genuine concern with a splash of humor. With all of the craziness we experience in this life, it is comforting to know there are modalities that can assist us and make living life the joy it is meant to be.

Melanie W - Draper, Utah


"Simply amazing" was the thought that ran through my mind as we finished up our first healing session.   Brigit was sweet and easy to work with and right on the spot when it came to blocks that I gave been working on for years.  Brigit clearly explains things from a non-judgemental perspective and "simply" helped me release the old patterns that are no longer necessary for my best life!! Many thanks Brigit for assisting me in achieving my best life now!

Christina Z - Corpus Christi, TX


I have had Brigit work on me and my family a few times. We all have LOVED the kindness and respect Brigit had while assisting us in clearing our issues. Even if you were not sure how to word what was going on with you, Brigit seemed to figure it out and help you unclutter your mind, heart and emotions. She does her work much integrity. I have found that my life is easier and makes more sense after I have been with her. To sum things up...Brigit and the work she does assists you in clearing your issues that get in the way of YOU living YOUR life! Thank you, Brigit!

Cindy Olson

Without energy session with Brigit, of BrightWorks by Brigit, my Journey Back to Health just simply would not have been fully realized… I trust her implicitly, love her and her kind-hearted, open-minded, gentle, yet effective, healing ways. We, as humans, are multi-dimensional beings, and must address our minds and spirits, as well as our bodies, in order to achieve full balance, and peace in our lives…                    Maria Benedetti