My quest for “something better” started when I was a young mother. Each one of my babies suffered from chronic ear infections, bronchitis, strep, etc. I used to joke that the doctor was going to be able to take his wife on another vacation due to our visits.  I became determined that there was a gentler, more effective way to be healthy – I just didn’t know what that was. I spent many years and much money on my quest for health. During all this time, I myself suffered from hormonal imbalances. There isn’t much fun in being a 30-year-old mom with acne, weight issues, bouts of depression, and lack of energy.

I just knew there had to be a way to get to the actual core and source of the problem, and that if I could do that, my family and I could take control of our health.  My search lasted for almost 16 years. In July of 2011 I actually stumbled upon Carolyn Cooper’s SimplyHealed® website on accident, and was immediately intrigued, knowing there was something to her method. I took her online course, which is self-paced, and had it finished within one month. I realized that my diligence and years of searching had paid off.  I enrolled in Carolyn’s Intensive Training in September of 2011, and have seen many amazing things happen in that short time since. I would even say I have witnessed miracles with this work.

It’s actually a simple concept – everything that happens physically happens in the body’s energy first. The body basically mirrors issues that stem from the emotional self. Because our energy systems are full of intelligence and light, our subconscious actually knows what is wrong in the body and why. All we have to do is tap into that source of high intelligence to get the answers.

Life is about learning, growing, and overcoming. I know that we were put here to be happy and to succeed. I also know that the challenges of life can sometimes bring pain, frustration, depression, and even sickness. The SimplyHealedTM method is completely effective in helping each of us overcome our obstacles, whether they are emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical in nature.

I am forever grateful for finding this method of energy healing, and I strongly recommend a session for anyone who is struggling to find “something better”.