Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny." Oh, the power of our beliefs! Unfortunately, many of our beliefs about ourselves are limiting, or even completely false. 

Imagine believing that no one would ever like you if they knew the real you -- that belief would create negative thoughts and cruel self-talk, and that negativity would ultimately cause you to hide. You would evade job promotions, meaningful friendships, intimate connection. You would inadvertently sabotage many opportunities for growth, love, and fulfillment. Your mind would need a makeover!

Combining energy work with tailored weekly assignments, the Mental Makeover addresses and corrects deep-rooted false beliefs, creating new thought patterns in the brain. This exciting 6-week program consists of one-on-one mentoring with me,  during which time you will enjoy the benefit of energy healing, alongside homework that will empower you to transform your mind. Your strong mind will then be able to identify and correct the thoughts that are sabotaging your happiness, and you'll be able to see life's challenges from a new perspective -- you'll take flight!

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Recently I participated in Brigit’s Mental Makeover. I am always willing to participate in any project of Brigit’s because I love helping her and I receive the positive benefit of energy work. When the mental makeover began, I had no idea what was coming my way. I communicated with Brigit and she gave me homework assignments. I was amazed at what transpired and the channels that opened up for me. I learned more about myself. I recognized both truths that had been covered up and falsehoods that had been believed. I was able to let go of the falsehoods/lies, remember the truths and become a stronger wife, mom and individual. By the end of the makeover, I had grown and gained wisdom. I am gentler in my approach to myself and others. I feel more connected to those I love most. I have a deeper sense of peace and accepting. I am truly grateful to Brigit, for her gifts, her insight and her friendship.         Melanie Winterton


This 6 week course was an eye opening experience for me.  I have worked with Brigit many times and her work has helped my life greatly.  This course was more in-depth and required accountability back to her, which I really liked because I'm not always great at completing the 'homework' I receive. Feelings, emotions, and experiences that I don't completely remember were able to surface after decades and I was able to work through these beginning to free myself from a childhood abuse.  The crazy thing is when I started the course, I had no feelings or intentions that the abuse was what I wanted to work on, but my body, energy, and spirit knew that I needed to, which ended up being a difficult, yet great experience for me.  I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to specifically step something up in their life, or if they are just wanting to change something, but don't know what.  Brigit has the great balance of being excited and compassionate.  You can trust her completely.           JS


 I really enjoyed and benefited from Brigit's 6-week program. I think Brigit has remarkable intuition and her ability to tap into my energy always amazed me. I loved that the course last over a 6 week time period and felt that having that continuous amount of time was very instrumental in helping me process and figure out my issues. She is amazing to work with and very, very talented in her field. I highly recommend her and her program. It has brought me additional understanding and really helped me move forward in my life in a very productive way.          Jini Robertson


Working with Brigit sincerely changed my future. Her insight helped me find the truth and confidence I needed to continue to pursue my life's work. She helped me feel alive with the energy I need to do the work that lies ahead. The written assignments I was given helped me to stop, ponder and see my life and future with greater clarity. I highly recommend her course!

Mary Ann B.